Our Services

As the aluminum of a float reaches its natural lifespan and serviceability, it begins to deteriorate, corrode, and structurally fail. What may seem like a small repair is often a sign the metal is reaching its life expectancy, because the float structure is simply worn out. Patch and splice repairs become the norm, sometimes even removing a smaller patch to install a larger one. Each time this is done, the structure is compromised with larger holes, until there is nothing left to rivet to. And don’t be fooled! More sealant isn’t the answer either – Bandaid repairs like these just add more weight to the floats, and often still leak.

Our Process

At Seatech Industries, we take the float apart, stripping it down to its frame. After a full inspection for damage and wear, we review the findings with you so that you can make an informed decision. We can then provide recommendations and solutions based on the data to get your floats back to near factory fresh, with years of worry free performance. We provide service to all operators, whether commercial or private charter. Whether it’s years of damage from wear and tear or damage from a collision, we’re always happy to offer advice and answer questions. Call today and speak with us about how we can keep you high and dry for years to come - no matter your float concerns.

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